What White Walkers can teach us about Social Media

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you know when you hear the term “White Walker” that something unpredictable is about to go down.  But have you ever stopped to think just how “together” they have it?  If White Walkers used social media there would be a ton of useful stuff they could teach us but of course they’d rather just eat us.

Here’s my list of the top 7 things White Walkers can teach us about social media.


  1. It’s a numbers game. – If you were to see a white walker coming you may just get out your trusty Valyrian steel sword and start hacking. But what if instead of one you saw 50-100.  You’d need friends to help out and when their number hit the thousands you’d need to change your pants because you wouldn’t want to die in soiled pants.   Numbers matter.  The same goes for social media.  If one or two people talk about a product not many people listen but if you have hundreds or thousands of people talking then people will check it out.   As humans the last thing we want to do is miss out on something, anything.  Also everywhere the White Walkers go they pick up new “followers”.   Not only do they get people to notice them they get people who would literally die for them.   We aren’t suggesting that you start a cult or anything but picking up or buying followers from click farms aren’t going to cut it.  You need rabid and loyal fans like the White Walkers have.1278325323452382355
  2. Organize – At a glance it seems that White Walkers just like to travel around from village to village smashing all that stand in their way. You better believe that the Night’s King and his lieutenants know exactly where they are going, what their objective is, and how they are going to accomplish it.  You need to do the same with social media.  As the saying goes “fail to plan is planning to fail” in other words set weekly or monthly goals for followers or interactions with “friends” and how you plan on achieving those goals, and stick to it.   If you hit your goal too easy, re-evaluate and change your future goals.  If you miss a goal entirely add steps to your plan that will boost the areas that you need to be better in.  Be meticulous in your posting so you aren’t just randomly post stuff all the time.  Use third party tools to schedule posts and calls to action and evaluate when you run them.  You can use those same tools to tell you when the best time to run your important posts so they get the most visibility and answers to your call to action. fCG4Urm
  3. Honesty – When a White Walker is on screen you know what it’s going to try to do. It’s honest about that with you and with itself.  Make no bones about it that thing is going to try to kill or eat one of the characters and since there is no one safe in a George RR Martin story you are on the edge of your seat.  Be honest with your friends and yourself on social media and you’ll end up having a much better group of friends and all around better experience. gameofthrones14_132
  4. Be Disciplined – Ever hear of a White Walker complain that he doesn’t want to go the next village because it’s snowing and he isn’t wearing shoes? Of course not because they do what is necessary to get the job done.  Keep your social media presence like clockwork.  Are you sick?  Post anyway.  Are you tired?  Post anyway.   It’s not like posting is hard work especially if you have them scheduled out in advance.  Just be sure to answer all of your emails personally and as an added tip never post about how tired or bored you are.  Why is that?  Because there are people out there that have it worse than you do.   Everyone wants to be friends with a winner and no one wants to be friends with a whiner. giphy (13)
  5. Get the respect you deserve – When characters see White Walkers coming most of them drop whatever it is and get the heck out of there as fast as they can. You know why?  People talk.  That’s right, people have told people, and those people have told people just how good the White Walkers are at their job.  You need to be that good too.  Social media is all about customer service and what you will do to make sure your customer is satisfied.   Now there is a big difference in being respected and feared and in social media the last thing you want to be is feared.  So do the right thing when it comes to your customers or followers and they’ll tell their friends and so on and so on.game-of-thrones-finale-white-walkers-army
  6. Dare to be yourself – White Walkers don’t care who sits on the iron throne, which brother and sister are sleeping together, or who killed King Joffrey like everyone else does. Politics and rumors have no place in their camp.  They are taking over the land in their own way and daring anyone to try to stop them.  You should consider doing something similar.  By that I mean don’t worry about petty politics and rumors on your social media stick to doing what you like.  Unless what you like is being a bully or all around bad person.  There are enough of those out there already.  Dare to be different than the norm. white-walker-children
  7. Don’t give up – “I quit” is not in the White Walker vocabulary and from now on it’s not in yours either.  Go ahead and face the fact right now that you are going to have set backs.  Maybe even gigantic ones but you keep on walking.  Go forward towards your goal, even if its baby steps, and never think for a second that you are beat.  White Walkers take arrows to the head and keep coming, they take swords to the face and keep coming, they even had a giant kicking them to the next village and they kept on coming.  It’s because they believed in themselves and their plan and their ultimate goal was worth losing a few teeth for.  Is yours?





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