The Top Ten Apple Games 16th August 2015


This is of course the first of the Apple chart posts, the site is new so I’m sure you guessed it’s the first! 

I’m going to try and bring you a chart on a weekly basis, giving you some info on what you should and shouldn’t be downloading on your phone or tablet this week. It may also get some of you away from candy crush or a very similar alternative, THE MAIN GOAL. 

  1. Ball Jump – Another Ketchapp game, SO MANY. Some of these are great, some not so good but ball jump is one of the better ones. 
  2. Cooking MAMA – I didn’t bother.. The screenshots are exactly the same as the other cooking games, I would prefer not.
  3. Score! Hero – This game gets a little boring quite quickly, it’s worth a download for a lunch break of gaming.
  4. Logos Quiz – A Classic game that’s been in the charts a while, if you haven’t played yet download it.
  5. Billionaire – Download. We all love money, this is a pretty fun game in my eyes. Addictive though! 
  6. Buddyman: Kick Free – Not worth the constant adverts, I don’t want a £888 deposit bonus thanks!
  7. Angry Birds 2 – Just do it already, get it over and done with. You know what you’re getting with angry birds.
  8. Paradise Bay – Another long standing game however they do like you to purchase in game, similar to Clash of clans etc.
  9. Puzzle 11 – If you’re a puzzler give this a go, really fun game.
  10. Fist of Fury – Addictive but really annoying, it’s annoying addictive? Fun game non the less. 

That’s the round up for this week! Some new games in there that are worth a go, if you’re going to download one I would go with the classic Angry Birds.

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