Fallout 4 – The Most Anticipated Game Release Of 2015


2015 has brought us many good games so far but it’s the few months before Christmas when things really start to get exciting. We have Call of Duty and Fifa coming out however we all know what these will be like.. Whereas Fallout 4 is a whole different story. The post apocalyptic open world RPG is nearly here, Bethesda has given us quite a lot of info on it so far, along with the person who uploaded leaked footage to the one and only Pornhub. 

It’s nearly time to explore the wasteland but I’m afraid if you are on PS3 or Xbox 360 you’re not going to be able to play. I think it’s time to go next gen, it is a selling point to parents and partners.. ” They don’t release games for it any more” 

The release date: November 2015 

The Gameplay; Fallout 4 will be set mainly in Boston, Massachusetts but there will be other areas that players can explore. October 23, 2077 the day the bombs dropped is now something you will get to experience, the game is set before which means you get to jump down into the vault and somehow live. 

We don’t know too much about the gameplay, there is leaked combat footage that you can view by going to the previously mentioned VERY NSFW website and doing a search and no I’m not putting the link here.. We can see that the we will once again have a faithful companion in the form of a dog. He can’t die however he can mess people up pretty bad! 

We are pretty excited about this, by we I mean every gamer ever? 

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