A Guide To Men’s Shirts


The shirt is something that will be found in most male wardrobes, whether you wear one to work or not you’ll have some type of shirt. There are so many different styles, colours, fabrics and patterns which is why I have written this post. It’s time to delve into the world of shirts and explain how you should and shouldn’t wear one. 


The first and most important step is to get measured, if you aren’t wearing the right size it’s not going to look or feel right. The classic 1 finger rule will help, you should be able to fit your index finger between your neck and the collar when done up. The other rule that isn’t so well known is that the shirt should not overhand between your trousers and your waist, if it does the shirt is too big. I would suggest getting measured so you know exactly what you should be wearing.



There are three main choices when it comes to shirt styles, you need to make sure you pick the right one. Most of this depends on what you wan’t to wear and feel comfortable in however if you pick the wrong style of shirt for it can look a bit odd. You don’t want to look like you’ve came straight from the office when attending a wedding. We will go through the three main shirt styles;


Spread Collar

This type of shirt is a much smarter style giving more emphasis to the tie and V area. The collar cut’s back making it perfect to be worn under a jacket but means you do need to wear a tie. A fuller knot such as the windsor is best used with this combination as the cut back collar creates much more space in the V area. Spread collar shirts also work very well with bow ties, as explained already there is a lot more space. Tip: make sure there is no shirt showing between the top of the shirt and the knot. 


Point Collar –

The classic shirt collar, this is the most used out of the three in everyday life. This is the type of shirt that can go with everything, if you want to look smart but casual this is the one to go for. Easy to wear with a jacket, tie or even three piece. 


Button Down Collar –

After the point collar this is by far the most casual style of shirt, it does what it says on the tin and is a simple button down shirt. These are normally worn without a tie with the shirt buttoned all the way up and the collar buttoned down. This is the sort of shirt to wear with jeans or a casual trouser. 


When it comes to shirts most men will pick a style they like in a size they think they are, try to get the right size and style as it will make you feel a lot more comfortable and of course make you look pretty dapper. 


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