The Single Life Can Be Just As Good


They say that when you are in a relationship you might feel like you are the only couple in the world but when you are single all you see is happy couples. If you’ve been experiencing the latter it’s time to open your eyes to a whole new world of freedom before you, shrug off the feelings of the past, before they haunt you forever, then go out an have some fun. Just because you’re on your own doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Here are 8 very good reasons why the single life is a wonderful one:

1. You make the rules

No more asking what the other person wants for dinner or if they are free that weekend to take a trip somewhere, as a single person you can decide what you do and when. Want to spend Sunday in your pjs watching Netflix? You can. Want to eat cheese and crackers for your dinner? Do it. There’s no one there to tell you can’t or complain about the situation, you make the rules now.

2. You will see friends and family more

You might have thought you still saw your close friends and family a lot when you were in a relationship but being single means you can spend even more time with them and don’t need to feel like you’re dragging your partner along or missing out on spending time with them.

3. You can focus on your dreams and aspirations

When it’s just you those goals you have can be achieved far quicker and easier than if you were in a relationship. If you need to stay at work late to impress your boss or want to go to the gym five nights a week then there’s no guilt that comes with it about leaving your partner at home on their own. Of course a healthy relationship would have involved a partner supporting you no matter what but if you’re single you know that was probably not the case. Enjoy this time to really focus on what you want with no one holding you back.

4. Travelling is now an option

Much like achieving goals, have you always wanted to just quit your job, cancel your tenancy, pack your bags and hop on a plane to somewhere new? Well you can’t do that in a relationship but now that you’re single there’s nothing stopping you. Travelling is also the perfect way of finding yourself, something we all need to do from time to time.

5. You don’t argue with anyone over mundane things

Arguing over who does the dishes or pays for the shopping is never fun, but now that you’re single you don’t need to worry because it’s just you. Sure that means no one can pick up the slack when it comes to household chores and bills in tough times but it also means there’s less of it and less to pay out for, it’s a win win situation!

6. You can flirt with who you like, without the guilt

We all like to flirt, whether it’s with a barista in Starbucks or someone on the bus, flirting is a great confidence booster. However, when we are in a relationship any sort of flirting can make us feel a little guilty (and if it didn’t it was probably a sign that your relationship wasn’t meant to be) so once the single life comes along you can flirt to your heart’s content.

7. You have more time

Being single means you have all the time in the world and you can spend it exactly how you want to. You can take up a new hobby, a gym class or simply just enjoy spending your evenings watching a new TV series without having to wait for anyone to be with you to watch the next episode.

8. You can learn to love yourself again

Sometimes you can be left feeling a little broken and less than yourself when a relationship ends but being single gives you the chance to learn to love yourself again, whether that’s accepting how your body looks or your life choices, see the single life as an opportunity to truly accept who you are.

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