Different ways to spice up your love life


Every relationship has a dry spell, where people aren’t seeing each other clearly and time spent between the sheets involves more sleeping than fun. Work, exercise, stress, illness; all of these things can impact on how spicy your love life is, so try some of these simply tricks to increase the heat in yours, if it has been feeling a little lack lustre of late:

1. Set a date

Life can get hectic so set a date aside when you can simply be a couple, book a table at your favourite restaurant, eat a delicious meal, enjoy a glass of wine and then head home to open another bottle and enjoy some alone time together. Simply setting aside time to focus on each other can create that much needed spark and spice up your love life again. Ensure you both make an effort to dress up and look good for one another plus set the mood with candles, music and fresh bed sheets. Every little helps!

2. Get physical

Exercise creates happy people and happy people generally have a lot more sex. Hitting the gym or going for a run is fantastic at relieving stress and boosting your endorphins, which of course improve your mood. Perhaps go for a run together, getting physical and sweaty can be a turn on for some couples and you can head home afterwards to share an intimate shower together. Make your work outs part of the build up to sex and you’ll be planning runs in every day of the week.

3. Wear your favourite underwear

Sometimes just putting on your favourite matching underwear can make you feel confident and sexy enough to actually want to have sex. For guys, underwear that accentuates your package is a definite way of spicing things up, instead of baggy boxers. Little things make a big difference so if you want to set the mood first dress to impress.

4. Talk dirty

For some the thought of talking dirty can seem awkward and uncomfortable, so instead of going straight in with made up, shocking conversation simply tell your partner what you want them to do to you, where, when and what with. That alone, while talking in hushed tones close to their ear, should spice things up, without having to think of any complicated instructions.

5. Indulge in sexual fantasies

Many couples stick to three basic positions and even then that might seem a little too adventurous for some. If you want to break out of your comfort zone and really spice things up a bit why not let each other indulge in a sexual fantasy? If an idea doesn’t totally appeal to you remember, it won’t be a regular thing and if you don’t like it you can stop. Ask each other what their most achievable sexual fantasy is (leave the celebrity imaginings out of it) and if they would be willing to try them. You never know, you might discover something new and exciting that you want to do regularly.

6. Experiment

Toys in the bedroom can be a daunting prospect but are nothing to be afraid of, they can actually improve your sexual experience. Vibrators, lubrication and bondage are commonly tried out by couples looking to spice up their sex lives and can be purchased in various places. Head to your nearest adult store, such as Ann Summers, where you can browse the toys in person and decide together which one you would like to test, the store advisors are always discreet and can even help when it comes to choosing something to help improve your sex life.

7. Change the time of day

Many people think that sex is an activity you should only be doing at night, when in fact it should be enjoyed at any time of the day, when you feel like it. Break out of any routines you might have, you could wake up a little earlier and enjoy sex in the morning or if you wake in the middle of the night gently wake the other person up and indulge in sleepy, very early morning sex. You could also be naughty in between ad breaks of your favourite soap or on a Sunday afternoon while the roast dinner is cooking, shaking things up a bit in your routine can really spice up your love life.

8. Leave the bedroom

Don’t limit your sexual activity to the bedroom, spice up your love life and try it in the shower, on the kitchen counter, living room floor, hallway wall, spare bedroom, garage or even the back garden and feel very naughty while doing so. Simply moving to another room can definitely spice things up and requires no extra effort on anyone’s part.

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