7 ways to bring back the love in your relationship


Over time, relationships can lose that special spark that once kept you both eager for more, to do things together and spend time with one another. This doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed, instead that you need to make some small changes to get back on track again and showing each other how much you care.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together five, fifteen or fifty years, it can happen to the most loving of couples, so here are 7 ways to bring back the love and bring back the excitement and spark in your relationship:

Look back to the past

Pull out the old photographs, cinema ticket receipts and birthday cards from previous years (hopefully you save these sentimental things, if not your Facebook timeline will do) and take a look at what you have done together and the fun times you’ve had. Hopefully reminiscing on these things will spark enthusiasm for the both of you to spend time together which can help you recall just how much you love each other.

Spend time in the bedroom

Making love is a great way of showing one another just how much you love each other. Touching one another and being close can help create that spark again, especially if you have made an effort with the setting and have set aside an evening to be together with no disturbances. Being intimate with one another is also great when it comes to showing your partner that you trust them, so light those candles and set the mood.

Do something new together

A gym class, a hike, a road trip to a city you’ve always wanted to visit together; find some time to spend completely alone and doing something you’ve always wanted to try together. New experiences can remind you both of the early days of your relationship and provide that spark again.

Flirt with each other

Just a winky face and a suggestive comment sent by text can remind you of that exciting period before you settled into a serious relationship. If the spark has been gone for a while and you start flirting out of the blue it could instigate that excited feeling you both once had when you first started spending time together.

Remind them of the little things you love about them

Do you love their eyes? Their smile? The way they laugh at stupid things? Tell them when they next do the thing you love and watch them smile, it could rekindle that spark and allow you to both open up about your feelings again.

Do something nice for them

Gifts aren’t the be all and end all of a relationship but a small gesture can sometimes help bring back a little love into your relationship. Some flowers, a ticket to an event or a band they love or even something as simple as offering to cook if they do so the majority of the time can help them feel appreciated and loved and in turn they may be more affectionate towards you.

Talk it out

If you’re in a serious relationship you should be able to talk openly about how you feel, sit your partner down and have a discussion about your worries and why you think the spark might have gone. They could feel the same way and once everything is out in the open you can go back to being as romantic as before.

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