Centara Villas – Koh Samui – Thailand


May finally came and it was time to jump on a plane.. my ears really do not like planes, at all. Since popping my ear drums when I was younger ( I think I sneezed really hard, no cool story here) it causes me a lot of pain when flying. I found a solution that really helped, once I worked out how to use them properly! The flight ear plugs from Boots helped so much, I’m sure there are alternatives but these worked for me. They release the pressure in your ears meaning you don’t get much popping and little pain. The only downside, well I say downside is that I couldn’t hear my girlfriend the whole way. 

We took three different flights, London to Dubai, Dubai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Koh Samui it went pretty quickly to be honest. We flew with Emirates the up until Bangkok where it changed to Bangkok airways, can you believe you get food on a one hour flight?! The food was slightly weird, for dessert it was a jellied rice pudding sort of thing, no idea exactly what it was but I know for sure I wasn’t keen. 

I will do another post on the in’s and out’s of Koh Samui but in this post I wanted to mainly cover the hotel, Centara Villas Samui. First of all the price, we paid £180 each for 8 days, you get a lot for your money in Thailand. I also upgraded the room, this cost an extra £60 for the week and meant we got beautiful views, 10 seconds away from the pool and the most important thing we were close to the restaurant. 

Lot’s of people on the reviews complained about all the steps, as it’s all villas there is obviously walking to do. In the humidity it did sometimes feel like a workout but do not let it put you off, they aren’t steep there are just many of them. DSC07255blog

When we first got to the hotel we were greeted with an ice cold lemon grass water, after the shock of how humid it was once stepping out of the ice cold taxi this was most welcomed. We waited a couple of minutes to be taken to our room, only reason for the wait was that I had only just spoke to one of the staff members about upgrading but it was really quick. Once in the room we had a classic mini bar, I may of had quite a lot of stuff out of here.. Thai Fanta is so much better than the Fanta we get in the UK. 

The resort is based on the beach which meant we could look out into the sea while laying in bed, this was incredible. The sea was pretty shallow which meant you couldn’t really swim but you could go for a little walk in there. One morning while eating breakfast we saw people from the hotel ( I think) putting out lines and catching fish for dinner, I want to live here. 


One of the highlights of this hotel has to be the staff, everyone is so so friendly! I couldn’t rate this hotel any more. If you do go to Centara Villas make sure you visit the cool bar, it is a 20 second walk down the beach. This is really a hidden gem, cheap alcohol with a brilliant atmosphere. They had music playing of an ipad which would get an advert every so often, the owners sitting and talking to people and a whole heap of pictures of people who have visited. 


Centara Villas Samui is a brilliant place to stay and we will hopefully be able to go back one day. 

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