The Burger Chronicles Ep1



The first episode of the burger chronicles, what is it you ask? Well let me explain..

I like burgers, which means If I start a feature reviewing burgers, restaurants that server burgers and everything burgery It means I get to eat burgers.


Starting out with a really cheap and simple make at home burger kit from Tesco, yes Tesco. I kept seeing this kit every time I went shopping and one day ended up buying it for a Saturday night meal. I wasn’t expecting too much, the fancy packaging etc normally means it’s going to let you down but I was pleasantly surprised.  Really simple cooking instructions, microwavable pulled pork, chilli cheese and a brioche roll all ended in a very attractive and tasty burger. 


At only £5 I would suggest giving these a go, buy or make some sweet potato fries to go alongside and you’ve got yourself a tasty affordable slightly sexual meal.


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