Workout Not Working?


When you’re slogging it out in the gym day in day out it can sometimes feel like nothing is happening and it’s a waste of time. What’s going on? Why is nothing happening? It might not be that you are doing it completely wrong but there are things you can do to improve you’re workouts and see more output. 

First of all, look at your workout and see if it’s still what you should be doing. Sometimes you can get stuck in your ways with a specific workout and just keep going and going, it’s good to take a step back and reassess. You need to be making sure you are pushing yourself enough that you’re body changes. You should be doing one of these three things – Sweating, sore the next day or feel like you’ve really given it everything you have got. If you don’t feel like you do any of these during/after a workout you need to change it up. 

Once you’ve got that bit nailed it’s about sticking to it. This is the bit I find the hardest, I have spells where the gym will be my home for a month but then end up having a two month break and repeating this over and over again. Doing that changes my body in the first month, reverse the changes in the next two months and then have to work for the same goals again. Keep up with your workouts and you WILL see changes. 

Body weight routines will help, I’m not against them but using weights can drastically improve your workouts. If you’re female you aren’t going to look like the hulk if you start using weights, they help to tone and strengthen you’re body not build mass, try it. Ten reps ( Depending on the muscle group) is the sort of area your muscles should start to fatigue so use a weight that does so. 

Keep going, going and going. Results will come but it takes hard work and determination. 


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