How Sport Can Help You In The Workplace


You may be thinking that this is a bit of a weird post but it’s one I feel is relevant to pretty much everyone. Recently a colleague at work done a presentation about how sports/ team sport can help you in the workplace and I felt it should be shared with others. I have recently started taking part in sport again, I used to play lots at school but since that I’ve not played much, apart from the odd five a side when it’s not cold / I’m not injured.  My sport of choice, Table tennis. This came about quite naturally as we have a table at work, we get two games a day so my colleagues and I have go quite good ( That’s what I thought until I started going to Table Tennis club) There are some real pro’s here, one guy kept hitting the ball so hard at me I was worried about getting injured by a very small air filled plastic ball. Anyway onto the points.. 

Communication – This for me is one of the biggest ways in which sport can help you, this isn’t just for work of course but everyday life. In team sports especially you need to be able to communicate to effectively play. Just taking part can help improve how you speak to people and in turn improves your confidence which I will come onto later. 

Dealing with difficult situations – UFC / Boxing weigh ins see’s opponents go face to face and normally get pretty angry with each other but after the fight they will more than likely hug, shake hands or some other similar action and that’s because they know it’s sport and not person ( In most cases) Work is the same, you’re going to disagree with people but at the end of the day it’s just business it’s more than likely nothing against you. 

Confidence – Playing sport will improve your confidence as you will always have some sort of pressure, similar to the pressure you will have in the workplace. Constantly being put under pressure will in time mean your confidence grows throughout all walks of life.

Fitness / Well-being – This is one of the main points out of this whole post but probably the most obvious to you all. I hate cardio, running on treadmills or using steppers is just really boring. When you’re running about on a pitch, side to side next to a table to from one point to another you’re doing cardio without even thinking about it. It doesn’t feel like excercise, it’s fun and gets you fit! 

My advice.. Join in with some sort of sports team I’ve actually found Table tennis to be really well suited for me there is a wide range of players from 70 year old’s who go for a couple of games to pro’s but it means you can improve and socialise with people from all ages and cultures. 



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