12 Things That People Who Have Given Birth Will Understand

1. It’s absolutely crazy, insane, weird and magical. 


2. Strange strange things happen during your pregnancy, labour and delivery.

giphy (1)

3. Pain management, I guess a needle into the spine is okay?

giphy (2)

4. Nothing is ever comfortable

giphy (3)

5. Lightning crotch is a thing, it’s a real pain in the vagina.

giphy (4)

6. No I haven’t ‘had the baby’ yet so please stop asking.

giphy (5)

7. I would also not like to be touched by random people.

giphy (6)

8. Wanting to be sick at every point of every day.

giphy (7)

9. Certain things tend to rip a little, it happens.

giphy (8)

10. Poop.

giphy (9)

11. EVERYONE has seen your vagina.

giphy (10)

12. Everything listed above is worth it.

giphy (11)

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